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December 2005
December 6
Pat Hazell
A former writer for Seinfeld, Pat Hazell was part of a 4-man comedy show called The Good Humor Men. Pat talks about the show, Seinfeld days, and moving to Austin from Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina.
December 13
Rod Moag
Host of KOOP's Country Swing & Rockabilly Jamboree, Rod is also a blind man. Rod came on the show to talk about his life.
December 20
Nina Diamond
A ghostwriter, Nina talks about the craft of ghostwriting and her current project ghosting for Dale Watson, Austin country music star.
December 27 Madeline & Dwayne Holcomb
The parents of 8 children, the Holcombs talk about the day-to-day of raising such a large family, including home-schooling.

November 2005
November 1
Rio Jennings from Lucy in Disguise with Diamonds
Rio works at a costume shop. The day after Halloween, she came in to tell us what were this year's hit costumes.
November 8
Chris Gunn from Southside Tattoo
Tattoo shop owner, Chris told us everything you'd ever want to know about tattoos and the people who get them.
November 15 Bijoy Goswami
Author of The Human Fabric, Bijoy spoke about what he sees as the 3 basic types of people, based on their core motivations: knowledge, people and action.
November 29 Betty Andrews from Petticoat Fair
Founder of a woman's full-service lingerie shop, Betty tells us how to properly fit a bra and shares the latest in bra technology.

October 2005
October 19
LindaKathryn Stone
Raised Baptist, LindaKathryn converts to Judaism in her twenties. To make things more interesting, LindaKathryn is black.
October 25
Amanda Traphagen
Amanda, a recent college graduate from Austin, gets onto Jeopardy . . . and wins!

September 2005
September 30 Kerri Bradley
Hurricane Katrina evacuee from New Orleans' Ninth Ward, Kerri talks about the experience starting from when the hurricane began to arriving in Austin.

August 2005
August 3
Dorothy Chandler
At the age of 2, Dorothy is sold by her mother and her mother's boyfriend to another family because the boyfriend doesn't like girls. This is the starting point to a childhood of pain, neglect, trouble and abuse.

July 2005
July 6
Tom Mahnke
The host of KOOP's Wednesday morning show, Fais Do Do, Tom was attacked by a serial killer at the age of 19.

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