Host of Inner ViewsI’m Abigail Mahnke, host of Inner Views. I was born and raised just outside Boston, but have happily lived in Austin, Texas since 2004. Inner Views has been on the air since 2005 and was born out of my passion to hear people’s amazing stories. I love learning the nitty gritty of people’s lives—both what they do and why they do it. Having a radio interview show is my way of satisfying that intense curiosity and sharing it with others.

I currently host Inner Views on KOOP Radio 91.7 FM, a lovely community-run station providing talk and music that you won’t find elsewhere on the Austin radio dial. If you can’t tune in on the radio dial, KOOP can be heard streaming live.

Prior to joining KOOP, I did a year-long internship at WAMC, an NPR affiliate in Albany, NY, where I produced a number of pieces about education. In addition, I spent some time doing news and news magazine shows on KALX in Berkeley, CA. I was also the weekend morning host on KMFA 89.5, Austin’s classical station back in 2006. That didn’t last very long as talk is definitely my thing on the radio, not music. Since joining KOOP, several of my interviews have been picked up by KUT 90.5, Austin’s local NPR affiliate and aired on their show O’Dark 30.

I’m also the founder and president of The Outsource Resource, a company providing administrative assistance and bookkeeping to small businesses who don’t need help full time or don’t want to hire their own employee. My staff works onsite or remotely (virtually), depending on the client’s needs and we perform a range of tasks. This has nothing to do with Inner Views, but it’s something else I do.

Lisa Scheps is the engineer for Inner Views. She is behind the scenes performing many valuable functions, but especially making sure that the interviews get broadcast over the air. I adore Lisa both as a friend and engineer, and feel grateful to have her help on the show. Lisa is also the host of Off the Stage and On the Air, which focuses on Austin’s theater scene. Lisa is super knowledgeable about Austin’s theater scene and is very funny to boot. Her show can be heard Wednesdays, 2:00-3:00pm CT on KOOP 91.7 FM.

Lisa was also a guest on Inner Views on June 17, 2009, talking about being a transgender woman.